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Color Matched to Wheel Color (as shown)
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Utilizing a 14-Tooth / 18-Tooth pulley wheel combination, the Speed System is unmatched by any competitor on the market when it comes to strength, durability, and performance!  Reducing drivetrain friction does not have to come with a trade-off of decreased durability, decreased shifting performance, or even taking an aesthetic step backwards (current offerings on the market).  SLF Motion Oversize Systems use cages produced from "Made In The USA" 100% real carbon fiber (unlike competing brands' nylon plastic "composite" cages) along with unique coated bearings for added durability and performance.  Improve your current stock drivetrain or even your current competing Oversize System with the installation of an SLF Motion Speed System.  Every System is designed, tested, and hand built in Pawnee, Illinois USA.

Part # Compatibility  Max Cassette Size
RX/GRX  11sp - RX 800/805 & GRX 810/815 36-Tooth
Part # Compatibility  Max Cassette Size
891  11sp - Ultegra 8000/8050 & Dura Ace 9100/9150 32-Tooth


Part # Compatibility  Max Cassette Size
105 Di2 12sp - 105 Di2 R7150 34-Tooth


Part # Compatibility  Max Cassette Size
921 12sp - Ultegra Di2 8100 & Dura Ace Di2 9200 34-Tooth
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