About Us

SLF Motion is owned/founded by Blake Young and is based in Pawnee, IL.  SLF Motion is a 1-Man operation ready to compete with Industry leaders by providing expert design and detailed manufacturing process'. SLF Motion was born with SPEED and DURABILITY in mind. Years of passion for racing has combined with professional mechanical design experience to form SLF Motion. We strive to provide the fastest, strongest, most durable components available to anyone. We are continually developing and testing new concepts, some of which meet our high demands and make it onto your rides. We are a customer service based company and strive to keep YOU, our customer, happy. Without you, there wouldn't be SLF Motion!

About The Owner - Blake has an extensive 2-wheel racing background beginning at the age of 3 ranging from Mountain Biking and Road Cycling to BMX and Motocross.  He has been fortunate enough to win multiple Illinois State Championships in different 2-wheel disciplines, was a National #2 ranked BMX racer, and even held his AMA Pro Motocross License for a couple years.  After graduating college, his "thinking outside of the box" mentality led him to become a professional 3D Industrial Product Designer by trade for companies such as Caterpillar and GSI/AGCO.  SLF Motion is the creation founded upon his passion for business and high performance design.