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Q: What does "SLF" stand for?

ASmoother, Lighter, and Faster


Q: Will using SLF Motion products make me faster on my bike?

A: In short, YES!  SLF Motion cycling products are designed to reduce drivetrain friction therefore allowing the user to go faster with less effort.  Along with decreased friction, the user is also gaining unmatched durability thanks to the use of coated bearings and CNC machined pulley wheels.


Q: Do you offer a warranty on your products?

A: All EVO Pulley Wheels, EVO Speed Systems, EVO AERO Systems, and EVO 1X Systems come standard with an Industry leading 6-year warranty to the original purchaser (non-transferable).  This warranty does not cover the surface finish of pulley wheels, such as anodize coloring and/or Oil Slick coating, as this would be considered "normal use wear items".  Please note - the Oil Slick effect is created via a "coating" process...therefore is not a permanent application...over time, this coating will likely begin to chip away during use.


Q: I'm afraid to install an EVO 1X System onto my MTB/Gravel due to the increased size of the System.  Will the bigger System be more prone to getting damaged?

A: Seen in the photo below, the height/size of each cage is nearly identical therefore the EVO 1X System is no more-so in danger than a stock cage. Pictured below is a stock SRAM Eagle cage next to our EVO 1X Eagle System...


Q: Will I need a new chain when installing an EVO System?

A: This is dependent on a few things.  If you are upgrading to an EVO System from a competitors' Oversize System, then NO you will not need a new chain.  If you are installing a new EVO Speed or EVO AERO System onto a stock rear derailleur (meaning currently using a stock cage/pulley), then YES you will need a new chain.  If you are installing an EVO 1X System, it's a case by case situation as sometimes you WILL but yet sometimes you will NOT need a new chain.


Q: Is your customized Custom Shop systems still available?

A: At the moment, no.  We love this offering as much as our customers do which is why we are revamping the program to better align with all the new EVO products.  In short, the Custom Shop will be back up and running soon in Spring of '21.


Q: What is the recommended maintenance for an EVO System?

A: Because we choose to use only coated hybrid ceramic bearing in all our EVO Systems, maintenance is kept pretty simple.  We simply recommend every 750-1000 miles to check tension on all major bolts and connection points to the rear derailleur.  At this time, it is also a good idea to remove the chain and spin each pulley wheel to ensure best performance.  See next FAQ if your bearing needs maintenance...


Q: My pulley wheels don't spin like they did when new?

A: Watch the following video for a step-by-step  "How To" tutorial on cleaning your SLF Motion hybrid ceramic bearings.


Q: Do I need to lube, oil, or grease my pulley wheel bearings?

A: This is environment dependent.  For absolute highest performance ON-ROAD applications, we recommend running your pulley wheels "dry"...and we are able to do this thanks to our coated steel races.  Some customers have mentioned that "dry" pulley wheels are too "loud" - if this is the case, 1 drop of lightweight oil will eliminate any noise.  For OFF-ROAD (and gravel) applications, we recommend running your pulley wheels with grease.  We ship all EVO 1X Systems pre-greased from our HQ.

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