Q: What System do I need...the Midsize Hyper Crit System or the Oversize Hyper Speed System?

A: That's a tough one to pinpoint a definitive answer on.  The Midsize Hyper Crit System, which uses a 14/14 wheel combo, was designed around the demands of Criterium racing.  The Oversize Hyper Speed System, which uses a 14/18 wheel combo, was designed to decrease every last bit of drivetrain friction...something most serious Triathletes are searching for.  Put simply, a Criterium racer OR a recreational sport ride would benefit best from a Midsize Hyper Crit System whereas someone looking for maximum drivetrain gains may want to consider using the Oversize Hyper Speed System.  Keep in mind though that many Criterium racers AND recreational sport riders DO utilize the Oversize Hyper Speed System for it's further performance benefits.


Q:  I do mostly Gravel rides/races, what SLF Motion products should I consider? 

A: This depends on what rear derailleur you are using.  Our Oversize Hyper Speed System and our new Midsize Hyper Crit System are both built to withstand the toughest of conditions, including Gravel rides/races.  With that said, the slightly smaller/more compact Midsize Hyper Crit System has been a common "Go To" for strictly Gravel use...and beyond that, we can replace the standard 14-Tooth wheel setup on the HCS with our 14-Tooth Narrow/Wide wheels for improved chain detention/engagement.  For the new Shimano RX derailleurs, our 12-Tooth Narrow/Wide wheels are a direct replacement improvement/upgrade over the stock 11-Tooth wheels.  For SRAM Force1/Rival1 clutch derailleurs...just hang tight cause we have something "in the works" for ya ;-)

Q: What is the correct orientation of SLF Motion pulley wheels?

A: All pulley wheels (T11, T12, T14, Hyper Systems, etc.) should have the same orientation as shown below.  White letters should always face "outward" once installed.


Q: What is SLF Motion's warranty on products?

A: Our opinion on warranties may differ from the "norm".  SLF Motion is small 1-Man business that lacks the resources to be able to perform "long term" endurance tests of all our products in a laboratory setting therefore we do not advertise "X" length of warranty.  SLF Motion products are designed, built, and real-life tested to LAST!  We take any warranty situation as a case-by-case scenario and will always take care of the customer.  In the several years of being in business, we have received back less than a handful of warranty returns...many of which were corrected and the customer is still happily using their SLF Motion products today.  You can rest assure that if something goes wrong with your SLF Motion product that we will stand behind it and keep you happy....besides, if something went wrong then that likely means we didn't do our job well enough during the design process.


Q: Where is SLF Motion located?  Can I visit your shop?

A: We are located in Pawnee, Illinois - USA.  As of now, SLF Motion is still a "home based" business working out of a home based office/garage/shop.  As soon as we re-locate and build out an actual storefront, we will welcome any and all customers during business hours!


Q: I am having trouble installing/setting up my SLF Motion product.  Do you have any installation tips/tricks to help me?

A: We are in the process of producing videos (installation/maintenance/setup/etc.) for all SLF Motion products.  See our "How-To Videos" section of the website for all the help you'll need.


Q: Does SLF Motion have a sponsorship/ambassador type of program?

A: Unfortunately being a small 1-Man business my time and attention is spread very thin.  Trying to do all the new product development, website updates, building of current products, fulfilling orders, packaging, shipping, customer service, takes a lot of time.  At this time, I do not have the required time it takes to offer any type of sponsorship or ambassador program.  Please check back with us in the future for possible updates on this.