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SLF Motion welcomes Travis Chance to the team!

SLF Motion welcomes Travis Chance to the team!

SLF Motion welcomes Travis Chance!

  Out of college, I had spent about 10-years working for large companies (including 2 Fortune 500's) as a 3D product designer. I designed everything from excavating equipment to commercial grain bins to vintage Rolls Royce parts. Through those years I gained invaluable knowledge and lessons regarding product design, supply chains, testing protocols, business management, etc. Combining those skills with my lifelong love of everything 2-wheels is how SLF Motion was born about 5-years ago. What started as an evening and weekend hobby of mine with the longterm desire of someday being my own boss, amazingly became my full-time job about 3-years ago. After each year sales numbers grew, I realized this couldn't remain a 1-man busienss forever. I released my new EVO product line in 2021 and things became very apparent that help was needed...and soon.
  It is with extreme excitement, joy, and plenty of nerves that I can say SLF Motion no longer a 1-man business. Welcome Travis Chance. One thing that has stuck with me for many years is the saying "always hire people who are smarter than you". My friends and teachers from high school would say this would be easy for me to do but it's not always just about "book smarts". I feel like I've hit a home run with Travis regarding his honesty, integrity, work ethic, etc. as well as his pure technical ability when it comes to "just making it happen" in the shop. I'm fortunate to have Travis begin working WITH me, Travis does not work for me.
  So what does this mean for SLF Motion moving forward? PROGRESS and INNOVATION! Things might not change in a few weeks or even a few months but I can guarantee it will change noticeably for the better moving forward given some time. We already have a whiteboard full of new product ideas to get designed, prototypes machined, and begin testing. We also have plenty of day-to-day tasks that will get streamlined and improved as well. If you are surprised to learn that SLF Motion has been a 1-man business for the past 5-years, I fully believe you're going to be even more surprised to see what this 2-man business can accomplish from this point on...it's game on now!
  I hope this goes without saying but I feel the need to anyways. I've done my own designing of products, testing, building, packaging, website design, emails upon emails (x10,000), and so on over the past 5-years but there has been so many people (literally around the world) along the way that have had a hand in getting to this point. You know who you are and I just wanted to sincerely say Thank You.
  Thanks to all of our customers and supporters over the years, this post would not have happened without each and every one of you!
FULL GAS and FULL SPEED AHEAD! See you at the next checkpoint!
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