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SLF Motion Goes “Off the Beaten Path” With Newest Product Release
SLF Motion Introduces Industry First Mountain Bike/Gravel 1X Specific Midsize & Oversize Pulley Wheel Systems

January 10, 2019; Pawnee, IL - SLF Motion, an independent cycling design and manufacturing company, is excited to release an industry first 1X specific Midsize and Oversize pulley wheel system – dubbed the “Hyper 1X System”. The Hyper 1X System was developed to reduce drivetrain friction and increase long-term durability for Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Gravel, Adventure, and even Triathlon drivetrains.

“This is huge for a small company like SLF Motion,” owner Blake Young said. “Being the first to market with a 1X specific Midsize and Oversize pulley wheel system will help to solidify SLF Motion as the go-to company for drivetrain performance products.”

When building their Hyper 1X Systems, SLF Motion will be able to cater to the customer’s needs whether that be an Oversize Hyper 1X System for a SRAM Mountain Bike Eagle 12sp drivetrain, a Midsize system for a SRAM Gravel/CX Force1 11sp drivetrain, or even a Triathlon specific Oversize 1X System.

Not only does the new Hyper 1X System provide reduced drivetrain friction due to its larger pulley wheels, it is also simultaneously providing longer term durability over stock units.  The “Made in the USA” aerospace grade carbon fiber cage plates, 7075 Aluminum CNC machined wheels, and coated hybrid ceramic bearings are all part of what will far outlast stock OEM units.

A critical area of interest when designing the new Hyper 1X System was its overall size compared to stock units as far as ground clearance.  It is to be noted that the Midsize Hyper 1X Systems provide the same ground clearance as stock “long cage” 12/12 units.  Also, to note that the SRAM Eagle specific Oversize Hyper 1X System retains the same ground clearance dimensions as the stock 12/14 cage. 

 “I am so proud and excited to offer my customers this innovative industry first 1X specific system,” Young said. “SLF prides itself on building high-quality hardware for cyclists who want equipment they can count on. SLF Motion may be a small company but that’s going to be changing soon.”

Visit www.slfmotion.comto Pre-Order your 2019 products today

** Several more official product releases are scheduled for 2019…be sure to stay tuned





Press Release

SLF Motion is ready to be an Industry leader in drivetrain performance with the release of several new products heading into 2019. Are you ready to go FAST?
Three All-New High-Performance Products are Ready to Hit the Road

December 14, 2018, Pawnee, IL – SLF Motion, an independent cycling design and manufacturing company, has officially announced the launch of several new products for 2019.  Leading the way is their brand new Version2.0 carbon fiber Hyper Speed System as well as a re-work to their popular line of Hyper Pulley Wheels and a brand new Midsize Hyper Crit System. SLF Motion products are all built by hand in Pawnee IL, sourcing only the best materials and bearings from around the globe.  SLF Motion uses hybrid ceramic bearings (Si3N4 ceramic balls with hardened & coated steel races) that exceed current industry standards in order to reduce friction and provide extreme longevity in the harshest of conditions. 

Oversize Hyper Speed System– The new Version2.0 Hyper Speed System has been re-designed from the ground up due to further testing and customer feedback.  An overall weight reduction of up to 15% (model dependent) was achieved by utilizing 100% USA made carbon fiber cages all the while become stiffer and more durable as well.  The new V2 Hyper Speed System also now offers multiple spring tension settings and features improved bearing performance as well.  Lastly, the entire V2 Hyper Speed System lineup will utilize the same wheel size combination of 14T/18T, a decision based upon the ideal combination of reduced friction, ease of installation/setup, and repeatable precise shifting.  All V2 Hyper Speed Systems are now compatible with up to 32T cassettes (some up to 34T).

“We have really taken our customers’ ideas and reviews into consideration when re-designing our systems,” Blake Young, SLF Motion owner, said. “I’m really excited about our entire 2019 product line and believe customers will love it, too.”

Midsize Hyper Crit System- SLF Motion’s brand new Midsize Hyper Crit System was designed with one thing in mind, to meet the demands of close quarter racing that is Criteriums. The Midsize Hyper Crit System provides racers with all the same build features as the new V2 Hyper Speed System such as “Made in the USA” carbon fiber cages but yet uses a unique, smaller and more compact wheel size combination of 14T/14T.  All Hyper Crit Systems are compatible with up to 30T cassettes (some up to 32T).

Hyper Pulley Wheels- The company’s longtime staple, their Hyper Pulley Wheels, received a complete redesign as well.  The new Hyper Puller Wheels include news sizes, materials, available colors, and updated bearings.

Trade-In/Trade-Up- Customers looking to buy the latest SLF Motion products can take part in the company’s new Trade-In/Trade-Up program. SLF Motion wanted to figure out a way to thank their loyal customers by offering them a more affordable way to upgrade to the newest offerings.  Send in a used set of Hyper Pulley Wheels and receive an $80 credit towards a new set of Hyper Pulley Wheels, a Midsize Hyper Crit System, or an Oversize Hyper Speed System.  Send in a used V1 Hyper Speed System and receive a $175 credit towards a new Midsize Hyper Crit System or a V2 Oversize Hyper Speed System.

“We use only the best materials, machined using the best techniques, when it comes to building our products,” Young said. “Customers know when they buy from SLF Motion, they are getting the best possible product for their bicycle to go along with customer service that’s unrivaled in the cycling industry.”

Visit www.slfmotion.comto Pre-Order your 2019 products today

** Several more official product releases are scheduled for 2019…be sure to stay tuned




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